May 26, 2018

Perl module to simulate die rolls

GamesDice simulates die rolls. It uses a function-oriented not object-oriented interface. No functions are exported by default.

The number and type of dice to roll is given in a style which should be familiar to players of popular role-playing games adb[+-/b]c. a is optional and defaults to 1; it gives the number of dice to roll. b indicates the number of sides to each die. can be used instead of 100 for b; hence, rolling 2d and 2d100 is equivalent. roll simulates a rolls of b-sided dice and adds together the results. The optional end, consisting of one of +-/b and a number c, can modify the sum of the individual dice. +-*/ are similar in that they take the sum of the rolls and add or subtract c, or multiply or divide the sum by c. x can also be used instead of *. Using b in this slot is a little different it’s short for “best” and indicates “roll a number of dice, but add together only the best few”. For example, 5d6b3 rolls five six- sided dice and adds together the three best rolls.

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