May 26, 2018

Xboard-compatible chess playing program

Phalanx is a chess playing program. Phalanx is xboard compatible. Running with xboard ‘xboard -fcp phalanx’. Note that permanent brain pondering is off by default. Newer versions of xboard set it on with the ‘hard’ command. If this does not work, try ‘xboard -fcp “phalanx -p+”’ or for <4.0.0 versions of xboard change your initString see Xboard documentation for details. It’s better to stop permanent brain in both programs, when playing Phalanx against another program on a machine with one CPU.

It’s also possible to run phalanx without xboard. Do “phalanx -h” to get a list of command line options. One important command of phalanx’s ASCII interface is “help”.

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