May 26, 2018

Accessory programs for pMARS (Core War simulator)

PTools version 1.1.

This is a collection of utility programs for the game of Core War. The programs in this archive work well with the pMARS system, but most programs will also work with other simulators. Below is an overview of what we have

  • mts - Short for “MARS Tournament Scheduler”.
  • mopt - The “multiple optimizer” calculates optimal sets of constants for warriors.
  • pname - pname renames warrior files based on the ;name line.

These additional tools have been included in the port but are not part of the original ptools package

  • p3-2 - For generating p^3 redcode snippets.
  • corestep - For finding optimal step constants similar to mopt.

Note that the port prefixes all of these programs with “ptools-“ to avoid conflicts and/or confusions with other ports.

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