May 26, 2018

Small space build and conquer strategy game

[Original description for version 0.0.2beta1]

Qonk is a small game I wrote to learn some SDL basics. The game is a small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules. A complete game only lasts for a few minutes and can be a fun break away from work or whatever you’re doing.

The setting of the game is a solar system of planets. Your goal is to conquer all of the planets in the game by sending ships there. Planets that are under your control generate new ships. Simple AI players are playing against you. As you gain more experience throughout the game, more AI players have to be kicked out of bigger solar systems.

The game is currently very much in beta. I published it however in order to see whether it compiles on other machines, and to see what reactions people had on its gameplay. The game engine itself is fully functional. A lot of things have to be added to make this a mature game like menus and stuff, but since the engine itself works, Qonk is already very playable.

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