May 26, 2018

OpenGL-only Quake II engine modification

OpenGL-only Quake II engine modification with the following features

  • Requires id Software’s Quake II patched to v3.20
  • OpenGL only no software mode; no 3dfx
  • 32-bit color skin/texture support .jpg; .tga; .png.
  • Texture compression for large textures/skins
  • Particle engine fast intuitive system; dynamically lit; custom special effects
  • RScript shaders spheremapping; detail textures; animated skins; vertex deformation, other custom functions
  • Enhanced menus mouse support in menus; menus scaled to fixed resolution; reorganized menus
  • Client side 3D chase camera accurate aiming system; adjustable viewing distance; adjustable viewing angle
  • Miscellaneous special effects improved model lighting system; improved dynamic shadows system; overbright maps, entities and particles; transparent surface vertex lighting
  • Miscellaneous gameplay enhancements decals for blood, bullet marks, and impact explosions; mouse FOV autosensitivity; *.pak loading; CVARlist filter parameter
  • Backwards compatible with old mods