May 26, 2018

Fast, stable, compatible, and secure Quake II client

The focus of Quetoo is simplicity, security, stability, and speed. It contains critical security updates for both clients and servers, an improved console, and some major speed increases. Quetoo is up to 140 faster than stock Quake II.

If you’re looking for visual effect updates and gimmick features, or a rich single-player experience, run something else. However, perhaps the following features will sound good to you

  • Dramatic performance increases through proper removal of dynamic lighting, polyblend, and other “candy” features
  • R1Q2 Protocol 35 support and Quetoo-specific protocol extensions to save bandwidth
  • Support for asynchronous video/sound/input and network framing run at 90fps over a dial-up connection!
  • Location .loc file support for alerting team members to your position
  • Bright player skins supported directly within the engine
  • Ability to disable ambient sounds and load wildcard pakfiles *.pak
  • Vastly improved console with Bash-style tab completion, positioned editing, mouse wheel scrolling, etc.
  • Optional deathmatch mod with MySQL frag logging and team play