May 26, 2018

Free chess database application

Scid is a chess database application; with it you can browse databases of chess games, edit games and search for games by various criteria.

Scid uses its own special three-file database format which is very compact and fast, but it can convert to and from the standard PGN Portable Game Notation format. Scids PGN window displays the text of the current game in PGN format.

You can use Scid to add chess games to a database, using the keyboard or mouse to enter moves.

You can also use Scid as a PGN file browser, by pasting PGN text into Scids Import window or by opening a PGN file in Scid. However, PGN files cannot be edited by Scid it opens them read-only and they use more memory and are slower to load, so for large PGN files it is recommended that you create a Scid database from them first with the pgnscid utility.

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