May 26, 2018

Addictive 6 player tetr*s game

TetriNET is an addictive 6 player tetr*s game

What this program does is set up a TetriNET server that ordinary TetriNET clients can connect to. It attempts to fix some of the “glaring” holes in the TetriNET protocol that I discovered, and which I’m sure some people use as cheats, but I now see why it is nearly impossible to fix ;, without a modification to the client. I’ve kept the server as close to the same as the original TetriNET server, but I’ve added some extras that I’ve often wanted, such as the “/kick” and “/ban” keywords. Please note, this server in no way encompasses the whole game. The clients are the ones that do most of the work, with the server just passing suitable packets between each client, and of course adding some of it’s own.

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