May 26, 2018

X11/Motif blackjack game


Xblackjack is a MOTIF/OLIT based tool constructed to get you ready for the casino. It was inspired by a book called “Beat the Dealer” by Edward O. Thorp, Ph.D. of UCLA. A number of important statistics are maintained for display, and used by the program to implement Thorp’s “Complete Point System” high-low system.

Beginners can learn a basic strategy which doesn’t require counting. The best strategy employs a simple card counting technique which can be used to distinguish favorable situations. Avid players can learn to compute Thorp’s high-low index, which takes the number of unseen cards into account.

The index is used by the program to suggest a bet, indicate when you should buy insurance, and whether you should stand or hit, etc. You can test the strategy using a slider to control “autoplay mode”. Pressing the message button below the playing area provides hints; the current count, index and strategy table are revealed.