May 26, 2018

Multi-player networked nibbles game

ZNibbles is a multi-player networked game. It is based on the old nibbles game you’ve got a worm, eat nibbles and get your worm growing. Several players can play together, each of them controlling its own worm on its own computer.

There is theoretically an unlimited number of simultaneous players, it’s more a matter of network speed. It has been tested with more than 10 players and it was real fun ZNibbles is written for Unix. It has been tested under Linux, SunOS, Solaris and Irix. The game can run either directly on top of X11, use the GTK+ toolkit get it on the GTK+ site or use the Motif toolkit get a good Motif free implementation called LessTif

Once compiled, you get the files

nibbles the ZNibbles server gznibbles the ZNibbles GTK+ client znibblesX the ZNibbless X11-only client poor

Run “nibbles” first as the ZNibbles server, and then run its clients to play.

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