May 26, 2018

Viewer for cbr (comic book archive) files

A no-nonsense, simple to use, small viewer for cbr and cbz comic book archive files. As it is written in C, the executable is small and fast. It views jpg or jpeg, gif and png images, and you can zoom in and out.

It’s main features are

  • Simple usage A navigation bar stays on top of the pages.
  • It works on any RAR-compressed image archive - normally the extension would be .cbr or .cbz, but other extensions work too.
  • Advance/backup pages, and go to the begin and end.
  • Zoom in and zoom out 10 steps and return to 11.
  • It should manage jpeg jpg, png and gif images.
  • A configuration window permits defining a few slightly more advanced tricks
  • When advancing go to the top of the next page or bottom or stay where you are.
  • Same possibilities when paging backwards.
  • Remember the last directory visited on startup, or always start in a defineable directory.
  • Determine the initial size of the pager.
  • Define where the navigation bar should be and its orientation.

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