May 26, 2018

Context Free Design Grammar compiler

Context Free Design Grammar compiler.

About CFDG

Chris Coyne created a small language for design grammars called CFDG. These grammars are sets of non-deterministic rules to produce images. The images are surprisingly beautiful, often from very simple grammars. Context Free is a full graphical environment for editing, rendering, and exploring CFDG design grammars.


  • Simultaneously available for Macintosh, Windows and Posix/Unix.
  • Progressive image update watch it generate
  • Save generated images in PNG or SVG format.
  • Produce animations
  • Edit grammars and re-render easily.
  • Render very large images as large as 100 Mega-pixels.
  • Can handle generated images with millions of shapes.
  • Carefully tuned graphics rendering
  • Many built-in examples
  • Automatic checking for updates Mac only.
  • It’s free, as in beer and as in speech.

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