May 26, 2018

C++ Template Image Processing Library

CImg stands for Cool Image it is simple to use and efficient.

. The CImg Library is a free C++ toolkit providing simple classes and functions to load, save, process and display images in your own C++ code. . It is highly portable and fully works on Unix/X11, Windows and MacOS X operating systems. It should compile on other systems as well eventually without display capabilities. . It consists only of a single header file CImg.h that must be included in your program source. . It contains useful image processing algorithms for loading/saving, resizing/ rotating, filtering, object drawing text, lines, faces, ellipses,.., etc. . Images are instancied by a class able to represent images up to 4-dimension wide from 1-D scalar signals to 3-D volumes of vector-valued pixels, with template pixel types. . It depends on a minimal number of libraries you can compile it with only standard C libraries. No need for exotic libraries and complex dependencies. . Additional features appear with the use of GraphicsMagick install the GraphicsMagick package to be able to load and save compressed image formats GIF,BMP,TIF,JPG,PNG,…. . Additional features appear with the use of LAPACK link your code with the lapack library to be able to compute eigenvalues or eigenvectors of big matrices.

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