May 26, 2018

Modern cross-platform C++ GUI library (derived from Qt 4.8)

Copperspice is a C++ library derived from the existing Qt 4.8 framework. The goal was to change the core design of the libraries, leveraging template functionality and C++11 capabilities.

The redesign allowed the Qt Meta-Object Compiler moc system to be completely removed. Moc is a code generator and does not support many aspects of C++ including templates, complex data types, static type checking, and relies heavily on string comparisons. Removing moc improves runtime performance, reduces the complexity of the build process, and allows more issues to be detected at compile time.

Key features

  • Qt Meta-Object Compiler moc is obsolete
  • Written in C++11
  • Library links directory to any standard C++ application
  • A template class can inherit from QObject
  • Copperspice includes several Qt5 classes

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