May 26, 2018

Multibody Dynamic Simulation Library

	    DynaMechs Dynamics of Mechanisms
	A Multibody Dynamics Simulation Library

This is a set of cross-platform C++ libraries licensed under the Gnu’s GPL see LICENSE which implements dynamic simulation functionality for multibody systems. It currently supports all tree structured mechanism, a class of closed chain mechanisms as well. It has provisions for generating both single and double precision version, and there is code for simplified hydrodynamic simulation.

This work is an extension of my Ph.D. dissertation, “Computational Dynamics for Robotic Systems on Land and Underwater,” The Ohio State University, 1994, and continued at the Naval Postgraduate School.

The closed chain work is derived from Duane Marhefka’s Ph.D. dissertation, “Fuzzy Control and Dynamic Simulation of a Quadruped Galloping Machine,” The Ohio State University, 2000.

c 1994 - 2001 by Scott McMillan

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