May 26, 2018

Digital camera downloading tool for Fujifilm digital cameras

Fujiplay is a C program for Unix systems, to download pictures from some Fujifilm digital cameras, like the DS-7 and MX-700, using the serial link.

  • Tries to determine the maximum speed supported by the camera.
  • Detect all parity errors not tested, improving the robustness of the one-byte xor checksum.
  • It will not overwrite picture files without your consent.
  • Detect disk full errors not tested.
  • You cannot have a truncated image file.
  • The program can be gracefully interrupted with ^C or whatever your interrupt character is.
  • Allows you to upload pictures to the camera, delete pictures from the camera, and to “press the shutter” remotely. You can also set the time/date and the “camera ID”.
  • The source should be reasonably portable to other, non-POSIX systems.

After installation with this port, you should be symlink /dev/fujifilm to your serial line device through which comunicate with your camera. For more detail infomation, see /usr/local/share/doc/fujiplay/README.