May 26, 2018

Small-scale painting program for GNOME

This is gpaint, a small-scale painting program for GNOME, the GNU Desktop. Gpaint does not attempt to compete with GIMP. Think of GIMP is like Photoshop as gpaint is like Windows Paint.

Gpaint is still work in progress and many features are still being developed. However, gpaint is useable already for small image markups.

A large part of gpaint is derived from xpaint 2.4.9, authored by David Koblas and later Torsten Martinsen. Gpaint also uses the gtkscrolframe widget taking from eog 0.5 by Federco Mena-Quintero.

Future plans include the implementation of missing features, printing support, and turning gpaint into a Bonobo component for simple image editing tasks.

For bugs or general comments please send mail to Andy Tai,

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