May 26, 2018

Image Compiler

This is the Image Compiler, which generates images from textual description. Most important features include

  • Does not need display to run
  • Can be run from the command line or as CGI script. In the latter case, the image is output to the browser in PNG or JPEG format
  • The size of the output image is automatically determined, no size has to be specified although you can give a fixed size
  • Coordinates are in pixels, only positive coordinates are visible. Angles are in integer degrees, no limitations except the maximum integer limit. Colors can be specified in one of three formats, including X11 color rgb strings
  • A pre-processor can be applied on the input file first; simple arithmetic can be performed
  • Supports commands for drawing lines, circles filled or not, rectangles filled or not, ellipses filled or not, arcs, and text. Images can also be imported. For text and images an alignment parameter is available, and text and images can be rotated over any angle and can also be mirrored

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