May 26, 2018

Efficient animated GIF optimiser

INTERGIF 6.15 is a program for joining GIFs together for animation, or splitting animations apart, or for optimising animations created by other programs.

  • Supports the animation, transparency and interleaving features of GIF89a.
  • Eliminates unused palette entries.
  • Minimises the final size of the GIF with a devious and cunning optimisation routine almost every animated GIF the author has found on the web ends up smaller when run through InterGif.
  • Can forcibly reduce a GIF’s palette to the standard Acorn 256-colour palette, or to a 216-entry “web safe” colour cube as used on the Macintosh and by most Windows browsers,or to a palette file you supply. Alternatively, it can calculate the best palette for displaying the GIF, and then reduce to that.
  • From version 6.03, this also works with 16bpp and 24bpp input images – and with GIFs which use more than 256 colours in total. GIFs can only use 256 colours per frame, but each frame can have its own palette.
  • Lets you trim away any wholly transparent rows or columns from the edges of your GIF whether single-frame or animated.
  • Can dither 16bpp or 24bpp input files to whatever palette is required error diffusion implementation kindly donated by Martin Wurthner.

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