May 26, 2018

Library for JPEG XR, a.k.a. Windows MediaTM Photo

JPEG XR is an approved ISO/IEC International standard its official designation is ISO/IEC 29199-2.

JPEG XR started its life in Microsoft Research. It publicly first appeared as the HD Photo format in Windows Vista.

For web developers, JPEG XR has a large number of interesting features, see the table below. Some of these are big advantages over other image formats like JPEG, PNG, OpenEXR, and TIFF. - Better Compression 40 smaller than JPEG - Lossless Mode better compression than PNG - Alpha Channel compress color lossy and alpha losslessly - Extended Bitdepth supports 8-, 16-, and 32-bit/channel - Progressive Decode - Advanced Decoding Features tile-based layout, for efficient region-of-interest access.

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