May 26, 2018

Library for loading (and saving) 3D modeller object files

The main purpose of LibMorph is loading and saving 3d models 3d modeller object files. Given loader is dynamically linked when format of requested file is recognized.

The library is very young piece of software, so chances are high that some things don’t work yet as they should or at all. If you have need for some particular feature, drop me a mail, I’ll try to reprioritize my TODO list.

LibMorph currently supports following formats only loading at the moment LWOB – LightWave[TM], 3DS – 3D Studio[TM],

In future hopefully it’ll support ? – Alias Wavefront[TM] MAX – 3D Studio Max[TM] DXF – CAD? ? – Maya[TM] ? – Soft Image[TM] SVG – XML, 2d Vector files converted to 3d via libart? and more

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