May 26, 2018

IBM’s Open Visualization Data Explorer

Data Explorer brings together dynamic computational and rendering tools in a dynamic, programmable framework that enables users to rapidly create visualizations of highly complex data from disparate sources.

Data Explorer can be used to add visualization capabilities to existing applications. It is used by companies and institutions for applications in a large variety of visualization fields including computational fluid dynamics, medical imagery, computational chemistry, and engineering analysis. For example, it is currently being used to

 * Identify and manage portfolio risk worldwide for a large
   multinational banking group.
 * Depict oil-flow simulations to improve drilling success-rates and
   increase reservoir yields.
 * Piece together over 5,000 ceiling fragments from a 1,200-year-old
   temple in Peru.
 * Help insurance agents identify opportunities to cross-sell product
 * Visualize developing weather patterns to improve the accuracy of
   weather forecasts.

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