May 26, 2018

Development environment used to build 2D/3D/stereo graphics

OpenRM Scene Graph is set of tools and utilities that implement a high performance, flexible and extendible scene graph API. Underneath OpenRM, OpenGLtm is used as the graphics platform for rendering, so OpenRM is highly portable and can deliver blazing rendering speeds. OpenRM can be used on any platform that has OpenGL, and has been built and tested on x86 Linux s/w via Mesa, h/w using vendor drivers, e.g., nVidia Irix Solaris FreeBSD Win32 95/98/NT/2K/ME.

OpenRM is a derivative work of RM Scene Graph tm, a commercial scene graph product from R3vis Corporation. Late in 1999, R3vis announced the release of OpenRM into the Open Source community, with the OpenRM debut occuring on 1 March 2000. R3vis continues to maintain and develop RM Scene Graph, which contains additional features not present in OpenRM.

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