May 26, 2018

Perl module for generating presentation graphics (i.e., charts)

ChartPNGgraph is a perl5 module to create and display PNG output for a graph. The following classes for graphs with axes are defined

ChartPNGgraphlines Create a line chart. ChartPNGgraphbars Create a bar chart. ChartPNGgraphpoints Create an chart, displaying the data as points. ChartPNGgraphlinespoints Combination of lines and points. ChartPNGgrapharea Create a graph, representing the data as areas under a line. ChartPNGgraphmixed Create a mixed type graph, any combination of the above. At the moment this is fairly limited. Some of the options that can be used with some of the individual graph types won’t work very well. Multiple bar graphs in a mixed graph won’t display very nicely.

ChartPNGgraphpie Create a pie chart.

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