May 26, 2018

Visualise data structures

This module makes it easy to visualise data structures, even recursive or circular ones.

It is provided as an alternative to GraphVizDataGrapher. Differences

  • GraphVizDataStructure handles structures of arbitrary depth and complexity, automatically following links using a standard graph traversal algorithm.
  • GraphVizDataGrapher creates graphics of indiividual substructures arrays, scalars, hashes which keep the substructure type and data together; GraphVizDataStructure does this by shape alone.
  • GraphVizDataStructure encapsulates object info if any directly into the node being used to represent the class.
  • GraphVizDataGrapher colors its graphs; GraphVizDataStructure doesn’t by default.
  • GraphVizDataStructure can parse out globs and CODE references almost as well as the debugger does.

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