May 26, 2018

Convert PDF to SVG

Under Linux there aren’t many freely available vector graphics editors and as far as I know there are none that can edit EPS encapsulated postscript and PDF portable document format files. I produce lots of these files in my day-to-day work and I would like to be able to edit them. The best vector graphics editor I have found so far is Inkscape but it only reads SVG files… Note the upcoming v0.46 should be able to read PDFs!

To overcome this problem I have written a very small utility to convert PDF files to SVG files using Poppler and Cairo. Version 0.2.1 is available here with modifications by Matthew Flaschen and Ed Grace. This appears to work on any PDF document that Poppler can read try them in XPDF or Evince since they both use Poppler.

So now it is possible to easily edit PDF documents with your favourite SVG editor! One other alternative would be to use pstoedit but the commercial SVG module costs unsurprisingly! and the free SVG module is not very good at handling text…

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