May 26, 2018

Pretty Quick Image Viewer

Originally, PQIV was written as a drop-in replacement for QIV. The first release was not more than a Python script, hence the name. Now, PQIV is a modulo some small extras full featured clone of QIV written in C using GTK-2 and GLIB-2.

Features include

  • Command line image viewer
  • Directory traversing to view whole directories
  • Watch files and directories for changes
  • Natural order sorting of the images
  • A status bar showing information on the current image
  • Transparency and animation support
  • Moving, zooming, rotation, flipping
  • Slideshows
  • Highly customizable
  • Supports external image filters e.g. convert
  • Preloads the next image in the background
  • Fade between images
  • Optional PDF/eps/ps support useful e.g. for scientific plots
  • Optional video format support e.g. for webm animations

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