May 26, 2018

Cython wrapper to provide python interfaces to PROJ.4 functions

Cython wrapper to provide python interfaces to PROJ.4 functions.

Performs cartographic transformations and geodetic computations.

The Proj class can convert from geographic longitude,latitude to native map projection x,y coordinates and vice versa, or from one map projection coordinate system directly to another. The module variable pj_list is a dictionary containing all the available projections and their descriptions.

The Geod class can perform forward and inverse geodetic, or Great Circle, computations. The forward computation involves determining latitude, longitude and back azimuth of a terminus point given the latitude and longitude of an initial point, plus azimuth and distance. The inverse computation involves determining the forward and back azimuths and distance given the latitudes and longitudes of an initial and terminus point.

Input coordinates can be given as python arrays, lists/tuples, scalars or numpy/Numeric/numarray arrays. Optimized for objects that support the Python buffer protocol regular python and numpy array objects.

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