May 26, 2018

Free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer

The OpenGL Character Renderer GLC is a state machine that provides OpenGL programs with character rendering services via an application programming interface API.

The character rendering services provided by GLC has some significant advantages over platform specific interface such as GLX or WGL

  1. The GLC API is platform independent. Since most nontrivial GL applications render characters, GLC is an important step toward the goal of truly portable GL applications.
  2. The GLC is simpler to use. Only two lines of GLC commands are required to prepare for rendering characters.
  3. GLC provides more ways to exploit the rendering power of OpenGL. For example, a glyph can be drawn as a bitmap, a set of lines, a set of triangles, or a textured rectangle.
  4. GLC provides better support for glyph transformations. For example, GLC supports rotated text, which is unavailable in GLX.
  5. GLC provides better support for the large coded character set defined by the standards ISO/IEC 106462003 and Unicode 4.0.1

QuesoGLC is a free as in free speech implementation of the GLC. QuesoGLC is based on the FreeType library, provides Unicode support and is designed to be easily ported to any platform that supports both FreeType and the OpenGL API.

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