May 26, 2018

View complete directories of X bitmaps and X pixmaps

A program to allow the user to view a complete directory of X bitmaps and X pixmaps all in one go, and to perform user defined actions on these images. If you don’t think this is usful, you have never dealt with a directory of small icon images.

   Copyright   Ashley Roll  and  Anthony Thyssen

Original Program Ashley Roll upto version 3.2 Current Programmer Anthony Thyssen version 4.0 on

This program while available in the X windows Contrib Area, still belongs to the programmers. Permission is however given for you to freely copy, distribute and modify it on the condition that this and all other copyright notices remain unchanged in all distributions. Modifications should be forwarded to the Current Programmer anthony for inclusion into the next release.

This software comes with NO warranty whatsoever and no responsibility for any damages, losses or problems that the program may cause will be taken.