May 26, 2018

Advanced, stable IRC daemon, used widely on EFnet (‘testing’ release)

This is a port of the ircd-ratbox IRC daemon.

This version is the ‘testing’ branch; it usually contains more features, but may contain as of yet unidentified bugs. Admins wishing to try out new features or test the development release may prefer to use it over the standard production release.

ircd-ratbox is the primary ircd used on EFnet; it combines the stability of an ircd required for a large production network together with a rich set of features, making it also suitable for use on smaller networks.

Changes Include o Optional SSL support to enable encrypted connections between clients and servers, as well as server to server links. o Add support for SSL only channels, channel mode +S. o sqlite3 for handling and storing k/x/d lines. o Support for global CIDR limits. o Added adminwall allowing admins to broadcast messages to each other. o Creation of new library archive ‘libratbox’. o Support for forced nick changes instead of collision kills. o New ssld and bandb processes for SSL connections and ban checking; these allow ratbox-3 to make better use of multi-processor systems.

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