May 26, 2018

The CMU implementation of Common Lisp

CMUCL is the CMU implementation of Common Lisp.

First-aid documentation is in the manpages lisp1 and cmucl1 and via the normal Common Lisp documentation runtime functions describe … documentation … and apropos …. The WWW homepage contains a pointer to a real user manual.

CMUCL’s strength in comparison with other Lisp systems or most other dynamic language implementations in general is its highly optimizing compiler. If you know how to write efficient Common Lisp code, you are free of unwanted memory allocation, type checks, indirections to objects. CMUCL helps you to write efficient Common Lisp — it generates very informative warning messages about code constructs that prevent compilation to efficient code.

Optional packages for graphical user interfaces and other Common Lisp applications and libraries Eg. the “Hemlock” Editor are on ftp// FreeBSD-Binaries and ftp// source.

WWW http//