May 26, 2018

Set of utilities for developing programs using MIX and MIXAL

MIX is Donald Knuth’s mythical computer as described in his monumental work The Art Of Computer Programming. As any of its real counterparts, the MIX features registers, memory cells, an overflow toggle, comparison flags, input-output devices, and a set of binary instructions executable by its virtual CPU. You can programme the MIX using an assembly language called MIXAL, the MIX Assembly Language.

The MIX Development Kit offers an emulation of MIX and MIXAL. The current version of MDK includes the following applications

  • mixasm A MIXAL compiler, which translates your source files into binary ones, executable by the MIX virtual machine.
  • mixvm A MIX virtual machine which is able to run and debug compiled MIXAL programs, using a command line interface with readline’s line editting capabilities.
  • gmixvm A MIX virtual machine with a GTK+ GUI which allows you running and debugging your MIXAL programs through a nice graphical interface.
  • mixvm.el An elisp program which allows you to run mixvm within an Emacs GUD window, simultaneously viewing your MIXAL source file in another buffer.

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