May 26, 2018

Secure, reliable, and fast MTA for UNIX systems with LDAP support

A patch to stock qmail-1.03 to get all user account information from an LDAP database. It primary target are POP toaster with huge numbers of users from thousands up to millions.

Some of it’s greatest features

* Users and virtual domains in an LDAP database
* No local accounts needed
* Perfect for ISP's to build POP toasters
* Native mail server clustering
* Supports size quotas on user maildirs
* Automatic creation of home- and maildir's
* Handles replies with new qmail-reply
* Extensive logging in qmail-smtpd and qmail-pop3d
* Supports tarpitting based on a patch by Chris Johnson
* Supports OpenLDAP 2.x, Novell NDS
* Includes extensive Antispam-Features
* Supports automatic maildir creation when the first mail arrives
* Support for SHA, SSHA, MD5, SMD5, MD4 and RIPE-MD160
* Support for NS-MTA-MD5 encrypted passwords used by Netscape Mailserver
* It also supports the password format used by's Post.Office
* Support TLS SSL encrytion of SMTP mail transport by Frederik Vermeulen

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