May 26, 2018

Xforms based Auto Payment Calculator

    the Auto Payment Calculator V1.0 Release
Copyright C 1997  Eric A. Griff

Auto Payment Calculator is a simple, xforms based, application for use under the X-windows system, that calculates auto loan payments.

It is pretty straight forward. You enter the Principal Amount, Term in months, and Rate, and then with either [RETURN] or [enter] or whatever your keyboard equivelent is, ALT-C, or clicking the calculate button; you will have the payment in months, as well as number of weeks, and weekly payment.

You may also [TAB] through the Amount, Term, and Rate, as well as hold down ALT and press the character in its Name that is underlined to go do that function. As long as all three are filled in, you may hit [ENTER] to Calculate right there. This makes it easy to cycle quickly through numerous terms, amounts, and rates.