May 26, 2018

Computational geometry library

CGAL is a collaborative effort of several sites in Europe and Israel. The goal is to make the most important of the solutions and methods developed in computational geometry available to users in industry and academia in a C++ library. The goal is to provide easy access to useful, reliable geometric algorithms.

The CGAL library contains

* the Kernel with geometric primitives such as points, vectors, lines,
  predicates for testing things such as relative positions of points, and
  operations such as intersections and distance calculation.
* the Basic Library which is a collection of standard data structures and
  geometric algorithms, such as convex hull in 2D/3D, Delaunay
  triangulation in 2D/3D, planar map, polyhedron, smallest enclosing
  circle, and multidimensional query structures.
* the Support Library which offers interfaces to other packages, e.g., for
  visualisation, and I/O, and other support facilities.

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