May 26, 2018

Free peak fitting software

Fityk is a program for nonlinear fitting of analytical functions especially peak-shaped to data usually experimental data. There are also people using it only to display data or to remove baseline from data.

It is reported to be used in crystallography, chromatography, photoluminescence, infrared and Raman spectroscopy and other fields.

Fityk knows about common peak-shaped functions Gaussian, Lorentzian, Voigt, Pearson VII, bifurcated Gaussian, EMG, Doniach-Sunjic, etc. and polynomials. It also supports user-defined functions.

Fityk offers intuitive graphical interface and also command line interface, variouse optimization methods standard Marquardt least-square algorithm, Genetic Algorithms, Nelder-Mead simplex, equality constraints, modelling error of x coordinate of points eg. zero-shift of instrument, handling series of datasets, automation of common tasks with scripts, and more.

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