May 26, 2018

Computer algebra system

General purpose computer algebra system released under GPLv3. French documentation by Renee De Graeve is for non-commercial use only. The package consists of

  • C++ library libgiac. It is build on C and C++ libraries PARI, NTL arithmetic, CoCoA Groebner basis, GSL numerics, GMP big integers, MPFR bigfloats and provides algorithms for basic polynomial operations product, GCD and symbolic computations simplifications, limits/series, symbolic integration, summation, …. The library can be configured to accept Maple or TI syntax to ease the transition for users of these systems.
  • Command line interpreter icas or giac. It can be called from texmacs.
  • FLTK-based GUI xcas. It is a GUI for symbolic computation with several modules added 2-d and 3-d graphics, dynamic 2-d and 3-d geometry exact or numeric, spreadsheet, programming environment.

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