May 26, 2018

Graph Object Library for Network Programming Problems

GOBLIN is a C++ class library focussed on graph optimization and network programming problems. It deals with all of the standard graph optimization problems discussed by textbooks and in courses on combinatorial optimization.

Today, GOBLIN provides strongly polynomial algorithms for the following graph optimization problems

  • Shortest paths in graphs and digraphs with negative lengths.
  • Negative cycles and minimum mean cycles.
  • Strong and 2-connected components.
  • Minimum spanning trees, arborescences and 1-trees.
  • Maximum st-flows, feasible circulations and b-flows.
  • Min-cost st-flows, b-flows and circulations.
  • Assignment problems of any kind.
  • 1-matchings, b-matchings, capacitated b-matchings, f-factors and degree-constrained subgraphs.
  • Directed and undirected Chinese postman problems, T-joins.

The library also includes methods for NP-hard problems, namely TSP, ATSP, stable sets and graph colouring.

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