May 26, 2018

Provide an easy way to use existing grace-files as a template

The GraceTMPL classes provide an easy way to use existing grace-files as a template to format any number of graphs in a predefined way and save them as grace-files. This way you can apply the same graphical appearance to all of your data. In case your preferences change, you just alter the template and reformat your complete set of data within the shortest amount of time.

The capabilities of GraceTMPL include * The application using the GraceTMPL classes can define environment variables for the sheet, each graph and each dataset. The variables can be used in the template for dynamic string replacement. Even output filenames can be templated using variable substitution. * Datasets in the template file can be marked to be included in the destination files for easy reference. * Datasets can be tagged with arbitrary information strings to be interpreted by the application using GraceTMPL. This way information can be passed to the application on how to create the datasets and what kind of information is intended by the template author. * In case no template file is loaded by the application, GraceTMPLSave will output plain sets of data tables which can easily be imported by XmGrace or other applications.

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