May 26, 2018

XY plotting tool for students, scientists, and engineers

Ngraph is prepared to plot 2-dimensional graph for students, scientists and engineers. The program reads numerical data from general ASCII text files, and plot to graph.

** Tips **

  • This program support Kanji font. If you want to use it, please set environment variable LANG to ja_JP.EUC.

    cf, under csh/tcsh setenv LANG ja_JP.EUC

    and you need….

    • kinput2
    • X True Type or X True Type Font server[best], or kanji18 and kanji26 fonts, these fonts are in below ports[better],
      • ja-ngraph-fonts japanese/ngraph-fonts
      • ja-kanji18 japanese/kanji18
      • ja-kanji26 japanese/kanji26 or to change font name in Ngraph.ini as below[poor].

font_map=Mincho,1,--fixed-medium-r-normal–--75-75-c--jisx0208.1983-0 font_map=Gothic,1,--fixed-medium-r-normal–--75-75-c--jisx0208.1983-0

  • You can get documentation in Japanese from below URL.

** Acknowledgements to this ports file ** Special thanks to Satoshi Ishizaka Nobuhiro Yasutomi

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