May 26, 2018

C99 Math and vector libraries from OpenSolaris snv_33

In 2006, Sun Microsystems released math and vector math libraries as part of their effort to open-source Solaris

libmvec - vector math library This library contains function to evaluate common mathematical functions for several arguments at once. The argument values are specified by one or more vectors arrays of data, and the corresponding result values are stored in another vector.

libm - C99 math library Functions in this library provide common elementary mathematical functions and floating point environment routines defined by System V, ANSI C, POSIX, and so on. Additional functions in this library provide extended support for handling floating point exceptions.

The original source has been modified to build on FreeBSD and DragonFly using GCC or clang and the GNU assembler. All fixes introduced by Nexenta and Illumos projects have also been incorporated. Missing x86_64 variants of lrint and lround have added. The floating-point exception logging including address->symbol translation has also been implemented.

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