May 26, 2018

What Math::BigInts are before they become big

MathBigInt is not very good suited to work with small read typical less than 10 digits numbers, since it has a quite high per-operation overhead and is thus much slower than normal Perl for operations.

But for some applications, you want fast speed for small numbers without the risk of overflowing. This is were MathBigIntLite comes into play.

MathBigIntLite objects should behave in every way like MathBigInt objects, that is apart from the different label, you should not be able to tell the difference. Since MathBigIntLite is designed with speed in mind, there are certain limitations build-in. In praxis, however, you will not feel them, because everytime something gets to big to pass as Lite literally, it will upgrade the objects and operation in question to MathBigInt.

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