May 26, 2018

Perl module providing an interface to Fast Fourier Transform routines

The MathFFT module provides an interface to various Fast Fourier Transform FFT routines of the C routine of fft4g.c; The one-dimensional data sets, of size 2^n, are assumed to be sampled at a constant rate.

The FFT methods available are

  • cdft Complex Discrete Fourier Transform
  • rdft Real Discrete Fourier Transform
  • ddct Discrete Cosine Transform
  • ddst Discrete Sine Transform
  • dfct Cosine Transform of RDFT Real Symmetric DFT
  • dfst Sine Transform of RDFT Real Symmetric DFT as well as their inverses.

The C code for the FFT routines of fft4g.c is copyrighted 1996-99 by Takuya OOURA. The file arrays.c included here to handle passing arrays to and from C comes from the PGPLOT module of Karl Glazebrook The perl interface of the MathFTT module is Copyright 2000 by Randy Kobes, and may be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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