May 26, 2018

Statistical distributions

This module offers easy access to formulas for a few often-used distributions. For that, it uses the MathSymbolic module which gives the user an opportunity to manufacture distributions to his liking.

The module can be used in two styles It has a procedural interface which is demonstrated in the first half of the synopsis. But it also features a wholly different interface It can modify the MathSymbolic parser so that you can use the distributions right inside strings that will be parsed as MathSymbolic trees. This is demonstrated for very simple cases in the second half of the synopsis.

All arguments in both interface styles are optional. Whichever expression is used instead of, for examle ‘mean’, is plugged into the formula for the distribution as a MathSymbolic tree. Details on argument handling are explained below.

Please see the section on Export for details on how to choose the interface style you want to use.

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