May 26, 2018

Numeric Extension to Python

The Numeric Extensions to Python give Python the number crunching power of numeric languages like Matlab and IDL while maintaining all of the advantages of the general-purpose programming language Python.

These extensions add two new object types to Python, and then include a number of extensions that take advantage of these two new objects.

  • Multidimensional Array Objects
    • Efficient arrays of homogeneous machine types
    • Arbitrary number of dimensions
    • Sophisticated structural operations
  • Universal Function Objects
    • Supports mathematical functions on all python objects
    • Very efficient for Array Objects
  • Simple interfaces to existing numerical libraries
    • Linear Algebra LAPACK
    • Fourier Transforms FFTPACK
    • Random Numbers RANLIB

WWW http// _____ Note Development for Numeric has ceased, and users should transisition to NumPy as quickly as possible.