May 26, 2018

Solver of symbolically defined systems of non-linear equations

pyneqsys provides a convenience class for representing and solving non-linear equation systems from symbolic expressions provided e.g. with the help of SymPy.

The numerical root finding is perfomed using either

  • scipy scipy.optimize.root
  • mpmath arbitrary precision mpmath.calculus.optimization.MDNewton
  • kinsol from SUNDIALS pykinsol.solve
  • nleq2 ZIB library free for academic use pynleq2.solve
  • levmar Levenberg-Marquardt levmar.levmar

In addition to offering a unified interface to different solvers, pyneqsys can also derive the Jacobian analytically when using pyneqsys.SymbolicSys. This is useful since doing so manually is widely recognized as both tedious and error prone.

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