May 26, 2018

Calculations with uncertainties on the quantities involved

The uncertainties package is a free, cross-platform program that transparently handles calculations with numbers with uncertainties like 3.14+/-0.01. It can also yield the derivatives of any expression.

The uncertainties package takes the pain and complexity out of uncertainty calculations. Error propagation is not to be feared anymore!

Calculations of results with uncertainties, or of derivatives, can be performed either in an interactive session as with a calculator, or in programs written in the Python programming language. Existing calculation code can run with little or no change.

Whatever the complexity of a calculation, this package returns its result with an uncertainty as predicted by linear error propagation theory. It automatically calculates derivatives and uses them for calculating uncertainties. Almost all uncertainty calculations are performed analytically.

Correlations between variables are automatically handled, which sets this module a part from many existing error propagation codes.

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