May 26, 2018

Data analysis and scientific plotting

The purpose of this project is to develop a free open source, platform independent alternative to Origin. QtiPlot is being actively improved, all your suggestions to our “wish to” list and all your contributions are most welcome!


  • QtiPlot is fully scriptable via Python, which gives you the possibility to use powerfull existing scientific tools, such as SciPy
  • OpenGL based 3D Plotting
  • Publication quality 2D plots
  • Easy export of plots to vector formats EPS, PS, PDF and to other various image formats BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF etc …
  • Powerful and versatile spreadsheets and calculations in column-logic
  • Easy ASCII-Import/Export of single or multiple files
  • Linear and non-linear y=fx curve fitting and estimation of statistical errors of the fit-parameters
  • Multi-peak fitting with Gaussian and Lorentzian peak profiles
  • Data analysis statistics, sorting, FFT, data smoothing Savitzky-Golay, FFT smoothing, and moving window average, data filtering low/high/band pass and band block filters, convolution/deconvolution, correlation, interpolation, numerical integration/differentiation, etc…
  • Matrices optimized for 3D plotting
  • Templates support all the settings for plots 2D/3D, tables and matrixes can be saved to ASCII files and restored later on for a fast editing process
  • Project files based on folders, a powerful project explorer with extensive built-in features drag and drop, searching facilities, etc…

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