May 26, 2018

Scilab 1-D and 2-D Wavelet Toolbox

Scilab Wavelet Toolbox SWT

Wavelet is a powerful signal processing tool developed and developing in the last two decades. Scilab Wavelet Toolbox is a free software package to enable you using wavelet analysis tools freely in Scilab on most OSes including GNU/Linux, BSD and Windows. Scilab Wavelet Toolbox is designed to work with any Scilab Image Processing Toolbox like SIP or SIVP for displaying 2-D results.

What Scilab Wavelet Toolbox supposed to do Discrete Fast Wavelet Transform, daubechies wavelets 1-D single level signal decomposition and reconstruction 1-D multi-level signal decomposition and reconstruction 2-D single level image decomposition and reconstruction 2-D multi-level image decomposition and reconstruction.

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